About 8 Limbs Academy

8 Limbs Academy provides a safe and clean environment where all are welcomed to learn without discrimination, intimidation or fear. We want to empower people with the confidence to achieve their goals – whether it be getting fit, learning a martial art, testing yourself physically or pushing yourself to grow emotionally. We offer Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Strength/Kettlebells as a means to grow.


We build the culture of the school by using a few very simple concepts. 1) Be Kind 2) Have courage 3) Go Hard 4) Have Fun. With these concepts, anyone can achieve their goals in and outside of the school. The discipline of a martial art is meant to translate to all aspects of a student’s life.

Be kind to those around you. Be kind to our neighborhood. Be kind to our facility. Be the example you want to see in the world.

It takes courage to be a beginner. It takes courage to push past your limitations. It takes courage to step in the ring. It takes courage to achieve your goals.

The hardest part about showing up to the gym is showing up to the gym. Going hard doesn’t mean you should act like a dumb-dumb. It means, nothing worth-it comes easy. If you want it, you gotta go get it.

The training is meant to be difficult. It’s meant to push you in ways you probably haven’t been pushed before. The work is the same whether you love it or hate it. May as well have a good time.

8 Limbs Academy Blog

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