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The Peoples Muay Thai

A while ago, I had an idea to teach a class geared toward people that didn't feel comfortable walking in to a gym that caters to combat athletes. Unfortunately, these types of spaces are still associated with tough guys, machismo and general bro-y-ness.


It’s not like I’ve ever come across a gym that was exclusively racist, homophobic, transphobic or so packed full of meat heads that it would be impossible for someone from the LGBTQ community to train… I just never came across a place that is inviting to those folks.

SO… I’m happy to say that since I own my own gym now, I want to hold a class that does just that.

The People’s Muay Thai is a class that invites anyone, regardless of sexual or gender identification, held in a judgment free zone. This isn’t a class to marginalize, it’s a class to introduce. I want to create a space where everyone feels comfortable so you could discover and learn Muay Thai without feeling like they have to put up with bro-y bullshit. After you get your foundation in the People’s Muay Thai, you are encouraged to jump in with the rest of our student base. You are going to work hard, get sweaty, punch/kick stuff, feel powerful and learn the beautiful art of 8 limbs.

Give us a call to find to get some more information. Classes start March 2nd. Get ready.

Yes, we have Men/Women changing room… we are adults and you can change in whatever god-damn room you want to get changed in.

 ~ Coach Charlie

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