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I joined 8 Limbs Academy as a QuickStart in October of 2018 to fill a desire to learn a new skill, meet people in a new city, and be more physically fit. Mostly, I just wanted to try it out and see what it’s like. Since joining I had such a positive experience I have continued to train Muaythai 6 days a week and added strength training to compliment my Muaythai training. In addition to achieving new-found fitness goals, I have found a supportive community of like-minded members. Although I chose 8 limbs on a whim I know I couldn’t have chosen a better gym to train at. Coach Charlie and Coach Kate are highly experienced, thoughtful, and caring coaches who put everything they have into their Muaythai and strength courses. The more involved in the community I have become the more 8 Limbs become more than a gym to me. Whether your interested in trying Muaythai as a new hobby, competing, or getting stronger and achieving your fitness goals you couldn’t choose a better place to do that than 8 Limbs Academy.