Worth the commute

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I live approximately an hour and a half from 8 Limbs, in the suburbs. Traveling to 8 Limbs to train each week is 100% always worth it.
I have struggled with anxiety and a lack of confidence in my life, and also have found difficulty finding an inclusive space.
Since joining 8 Limbs, I’ve found both an inclusive and positive space and have learned so much more than Muay Thai- I’ve learned about confidence, heart, and a lot about myself in the 4 years I’ve trained here.
Not only has my body totally transformed into a strong, healthy and more capable version of it’s prior self but I’VE totally transformed into a confident, capable and strong person.
I also feel supported, cared for and part of a community thanks to not only the coaches, and the culture they’ve formed, but also thanks to the amazing people that I take class with on a weekly basis- seriously, every single person in attendance is friendly, supportive, and works hard!
A lot of people are shocked when I tell them how far I travel just to take class- but to me, it’s entirely worth it and I’m very proud to be a member of such a great team.