I tried Muay Thai at

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I tried Muay Thai at 8Limbs really begrudgingly when I couldn’t find a nearby boxing gym. I don’t think of myself as “aggressive,” so I thought that meant I wouldn’t like it. I was totally wrong…The community Kate and Charlie have built is extremely kind and supportive, and the art they practice is about gaining respect for and confidence in YOUR mind and body–it doesn’t have to be about causing harm to others.

Joining 8Limbs gave me a sense of structure, a sense of community (I’m not just saying that), and a non-work focus where I can continually challenge myself and grow. Plus, for those of us who have a hard time staying out of our heads, it’s the ultimate gift: if you let your mind wander, you might get hit (gently, and with pads/gloves/etc, no worries…but it still offers pretty solid accountability for staying in the moment!).

I understand saying “a gym” somehow “changed your life” sounds corny and dramatic, but in this case it’s accurate. 8Limbs changed my relationship with my body, with my mind, and with West Philly–it helped me feel more at home and at peace in all of them. If you’re even partially considering it, I’d really encourage you to do the Quick Start. I’m almost positive you’ll get hooked, too!