Give yourself the gift of accomplishment

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I’ve never been an athletic person. Growing up, I was more likely to get hit in the face with a ball in gym class than catch it. I joined 8 Limbs because I had a desk job and could feel the machinery of my body slowly disintegrating as I crept toward middle age. I thought that, at the very least, I’d regain some of the stamina I missed from my running days; what I got instead (in addition!) was an entirely new outlook on life. Training was harder than I thought it would be, but that was a surprise and a delight, *because I could do it*. Even when I was never the fastest or the best (and I’m still not!) the encouragement and instruction from the excellent coaching staff proved to me that I was capable of learning things I never thought I could. On top of the sheer efforts of physicality, perfecting the actual mindset of Muay Thai – how to remain mentally composed during times of struggle, how to remain calm under pressure, how to pivot, prioritize, and thrive in the moment that you’re in – has carried through to how I live outside of the gym as well. The confidence this sport and community instills in people is something I never thought I’d achieve as an adult. And, more than anything, it is FUN! Twenty years ago, I was picked last for every single sport. Now, I show up to extra classes on special Sundays to trade punches and kicks with my friends. 8 Limbs can be this gift for you too, if you want it to be!