A Safe Community Where You Can Find Your Strength

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For more than a year before I joined 8 Limbs, every time I would walk by their old location, I would feel a bit of a tug toward the door. After dipping my feet in Muaythai and finding how much I loved it, I decided that I really wanted to challenge myself and join 8 Limbs more than a year ago. In what would end up being an incredibly challenging year for me personally, 8 Limbs provided a space and a home that allowed me to see my own true strength. Whether it’s that surprise extra round of bag-work or sprint kicks at the end of a class, 8 Limbs actively works to pull the inner strength out of all of their students, no matter if they’re interested in fitness, self-defense, or in joining the fight team. Coach Charlie and Coach Kate and the rest of the 8 Limbs team have built an environment that emanates safety, care and compassion for anyone that walks in the door. I could not have lucked out any more that an awesome gym and community like 8 Limbs chose to plant its roots in West Philly. I am truly stronger as a person and a fighter because of it. Thank you 8 Limbs!