A place of passion and growth

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I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts – an unfulfilled dream of my childhood. So, a day after I moved to Philadelphia from my home country, Australia, for school and work, I attended my Quick Start at 8 Limbs, bleary-eyed and jet-lagged. I came into this new city and country not knowing anyone, and not knowing anything about muay thai or kettlebells, and 8 Limbs Academy welcomed me with open arms.

8 Limbs Academy is an awesome and positive environment to learn and grow in Muay thai. The technique (Beginner and Intermediate) muay thai classes are a good mix of being educational and heart-pumping. The bag classes are always dynamic and have ripper energy, whilst the boxing and clinch classes make you a more well-rounded fighter. I found the kettlebell classes to be great functional training that complements my muay thai training. Sparring is also super fun. There’s always an open conversation between sparring partners, and going light or hard is not a problem. The coaches are approachable and supportive, in and out of the gym. They are always willing to provide helpful tips on technique, training, food, music, shows, etc. Just in general, everyone is very friendly, genuine, and kind. It’s always inspiring to see everyone support each other during a gruelling workout. It’s all positive and cheerful vibes here at 8 Limbs. Head coaches Charlie and Kate are very hard-working people with big hearts. They really care about their students, and put everything towards building an awesome community and family at 8 Limbs.

I’ve learnt alot being at 8 Limbs. Instead of obsessing over numbers (like distance ran, calories counted, weight lifted, etc.), I’ve grown an appreciation for muay thai as an art. It is the way one moves around a ring, the way one brings power and fluidity into their punches/kicks, the play between pure aggression, and cool-headed patience. It has taught me to be in touch with my inner warrior, and to stay calm, composed and confident. From being a newcomer to Philadelphia, I’m so grateful that I found 8 Limbs and to be surrounded by such incredible and inspirational people that I can call friends and family.