8 Limbs has changed my life

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I moved to Philly after 10 years living in Boston. New job, new city, empty nest with my daughter off to college, and living alone for the first time in my life. I am Puerto Rican, and all my family and closest friends live on the island. It was a very tough time. I had been running for years, but I felt I needed something more. I needed to feel strong, and also belong to a community. Then I discovered 8 Limbs, two blocks from my place. 8 limbs became my refuge. Muay Thai helped me pull through, stay focused on what’s important, feel powerful, confident and healthy again. I also love just being there, the energy, & the vibe of all those women slaying. During these quarantine days, the coaches’ online classes have been a respite amid the crisis. I end my busy at-home days with Muay Thai, and the class, and the energy have helped me, once again, get through all of this. Gracias so much, Coaches, for uplifting all of us!