Thanks for checking out the 8 Limbs Programs

No matter what you’re signing up for, expect to work hard, feel powerful, listen to loud (good) music and sweat bullets. All 8 Limbs Academy classes are based in a serious yet motivating environment. All are welcome, no experience is necessary. All tough-guy nonsense will be checked at the door.

All classes are group-based and lead by a Head Instructor and assisted by 1 or 2 Assistant Instructors. At 8 Limbs, students can receive personal instruction and still benefit from the energy of their team-mates. Most classes are broken up by experience levels so we can focus on teaching appropriate techniques at the appropriate times.

Purchase 2 Week Quick Start

The Quick Start comes with a free 8 Limbs t-shirt and a free pair of gloves (no gloves for Kettlebells). The normal cost of the training, gloves and shirt is around $150 but the Quick Start hooks you up at $65.