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Women’s Muaythai

Feel powerful, get strong, sweat bullets in an intense, safe and welcoming environment. All the skills of the pros but none of the bruises! We have 25 heavy bags in our gym, set up to pack the house with a high energy crowd, all learning and training legit Muaythai techniques.

Take Back Your Life With Women’s Kickboxing

womenThis program is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Muay Thai programs or stand alone on it’s own as a tremendous fitness addition to any routine!

One hour of non-stop punching & kicking heavy bag workout including some pad work (partner drills). Learn real Muaythai combinations! Conditioning and toning exercises round out the program with calisthenics & dumbbells. Learn technique while being pushed to your limits!! What are you made of?

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From Coach Kate:

I’m really getting excited about starting the Women’s Muaythai class at our gym. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. There is something special about being in a room full of women. The atmosphere is different….there’s nothing to prove, no alpha’s, no one is going too hard, nothing but respect & appreciation for one another. I’m hoping that I can help empower women to feel confident & strong within their bodies. To love themselves & appreciate themselves. To push themselves farther than they even knew they could. This class will be all bag work, calisthenics & dumbbells. So this is geared towards any woman that wants a badass workout, to be surrounded around women, sweat & to hit things & not worry about being hit back. Who knows…maybe some of these women will love kicking & punching so much that they might want to try Muay Thai…… 😉


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