Muaythai at 8 Limbs

8 Limbs is one the most distinguished Muaythai programs in the USA. Our Muaythai classes are designed to be safe, structured and high energy so students of all ages, shapes, sizes and skill levels can achieve any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals they have set for themselves.

All Muaythai instruction at 8 Limbs comes from a curriculum-based system developed by Coach Charlie. This system of training has been developed from his experience training and learning from Coaches all over the world. The 8 Limbs Muaythai program has helped students from all walks of life develop strength, courage and discipline to achieve championship goals in and out of the ring. 

The 8 Limbs Way

The Muaythai program at 8 Limbs is built on a few core values; work hard everyday, keep it simple, trust your community and constantly improve. No matter your skill level, we can safely incorporate each one of these values, everyday. From the first day we step in the door, to becoming a USA National Champion, we must always keep these values close to us.