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The 8 Limbs facility is a 7000 sq ft. open floor plan with 6000 sq. ft. of Dollamur Mats, turf and auxiliary training space. We are equipped with over 20 heavy bags, Booster Thai Pads, Windy and Fairtex leg-kick shields and Yokkao belly pads. We offer two changing rooms, a full bathroom, stall and a clean shower.


We are located on the corner of 46th and Baltimore, on the second floor, above University Collision Services and connected to GoJo. Our entrance is on Baltimore Ave, look for the 8 Limbs Logo. We have a 23 step hike to the school, so your training starts right away.

PLEASE NOTE : parking in West Philly isn’t the best, please allow yourself enough time to park so you show up on time for class. The trolly drops you right in front of the gym and there is plenty of bike parking.



8 Limbs Academy GYM ETIQUETTE 

We train barefoot, so please no shoes on the mats.

We ask all students to Wai when entering and departing from the school. The Wai is as a traditional Thai sign of respect. It’s a nice way to say hello.

Watch your language! Let’s be polite in and out of the school. This means no racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic words in our space.

Please take all your stinky gear home…this includes your shower towel.

Students must keep all their gear clean & hygienic with disinfectant spray… no one wants to be that guy!

All pads, focus mitts, low-kick shields & bags need to be disinfected at the end of class.

In the event that someone is going too hard for your comfort, please inform your sparring partner & if they are still going too hard, tell an instructor immediately. Your coach will have already picked up on it by the time you talk to them.

Respect your teammates, instructors, the facility and yourself.

If you are more than 5 minutes late for class, please ask the instructor if it is still ok to join class.

Most importantly….have fun!

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