In order to re-open 8 Limbs, we wanted to make sure we were being as safe and responsible as possible. Before we get to OUR protocols, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be mindful of others and not come in if you aren’t feeling well. We ask that you stay home if you aren’t feeling well, if you’ve recently traveled or you’ve been in contact with someone who may have been exposed. We know it’s a bummer but honestly, it’s not that bad. If we are safe and smart, we can get back to normal, quicker. Thank you!

  • Masks are mandatory. No one may enter 8 Limbs without a mask on.
  • Masks must be worn the entire time ANYONE is in the gym.
  • Hand sanitizer and temperature check upon entering the gym’s main entrance.
  • Only one person in changing room area at a time.
  • Hand sanitizer, foot washing station and body wipes available before stepping on the mats.
  • Paper towels and disinfectant at every bag/pad station.
  • We installed 2 industrial HVAC ion air filers in the muaythai room and strength room.
  • We installed 4 industrial ceiling fans in the muaythai room and have 4 high powered floor fan running with CDC approved air filters.
  • Our entire gym is sprayed down with CDC approved sanitizer after every class/session.
  • All equipment that was touch during a class is sprayed/sanitized after every use.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided in all bathrooms.

Purchase your 2 Week Quick Start

The Quick Start comes with a free 8 Limbs t-shirt and a free pair of gloves (no gloves for Kettlebells). The normal cost of the training, gloves and shirt is around $150 but the Quick Start hooks you up at $65.