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About 8 Limbs

8 Limbs Academy provides a safe and clean environment where all are welcomed to learn without discrimination, intimidation or fear. We want to empower people with the confidence to achieve their goals - whether it be getting fit, learning a martial art, testing yourself physically or pushing yourself to grow emotionally. We are here to offer Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing & Kettlebells as a means to grow as a community.

One of our main goals is to grow with our community, in and outside of our school. We believe the best way we can impact our surroundings and bring about less suffering in the world is by creating a safe environment geared towards positive social development while building character through our various programs that we offer.

8 Limbs Academy Culture

We will build the culture of the school by using a few very simple concepts. 1) Be Kind 2) Have courage 3) Go Hard 4) Have Fun . With these concepts, anyone can achieve their goals in and outside of the school. The discipline of a Martial Art is meant to translate to all aspect of a students life.


All students are taught appropriate Muay Thai traditions. We challenge students to speak small bits of Thai and are encouraged to learn about the culture surrounding Muay Thai. Students will greet each other, their coaches and the school in a traditional Thai manner as well as learn a few Thai call and response conversations.

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